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College Towns Can Be Attractive Later in Life

The economy is really stable in college towns, said Bertrand Sperling, an author and researcher who created the website www.bestplaces.net. Retirees dont want to live where businesses are closing, the economy is suffering and services are becoming curtailed.

Continue reading the main storySome who migrate to college towns later in life return to the town of their alma mater. Others research to find a place they see in their minds eye.

For Sherry Burford, a former market researcher turned career coach, and her husband, Peter, an independent book publisher, the decision to relocate began with a road trip in 2007. They had become recreational sailors and wanted easier access to wa

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TED Talks Profile Latino Game Changers On an 'Education Revolution'

Though there's a lot of work to do to continue increasing test scores and improving graduation rates among Latino students especially in lower-income areas with less resources seldom do we hear of the Latino game changers who are bringing solutions to education issues.

Several Hispanic educators who are making a difference are sharing their experiences on the program TED Talks: Education Revolution, premiering Tuesday, September 13 on PBS as part of the "Spotlight Education" week on the public channel. The programming is part of "American Graduate: Let's Make It Happen," a public media initiative to help communities ensure more students graduate ready for college and careers.

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Recovery Schools for Addicted Teens on the Rise - ABC News

Preston Grundy started drinking at 14 to escape from his depression. He soon moved on to marijuana, Xanax, Adderall and cocaine, smoking pot when he woke each day and snorting pills in the bathroom between classes.

The Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, teen went to treatment, but quickly relapsed upon returning to school, where he had constant access to drug dealers.

Now 18, Grundy has been clean for 17 months and will begin college this fall to study social work and chemical dependency counseling. He credits his switch to a recovery school, PEASE Academy in Minneapolis, which he attends with about 60 other teens trying to beat addiction and where he says he wouldn't be able to find dr

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The question Michelle Obama put to her college-bound daughters is one all parents should ask - Quartz

For the first few months of every year, high school students across the US are in an unceasing state of worry and excitement about where theyre going to go to college. And for almost every one of them, theres likely a parentsimilarly stressedhovering over their laptops and the mailbox.

Sometimes that concern is supportive and motivating. But as many an exasperated teenager will tell you, parental concern often serves only to amplify fear and self-doubt in the college application process, adding pressure to an already unwieldy load.

Its a pressure that first lady Michelle Obama understands well. Her elder daughter, Malia, will soon choose a college to attend in the fall. Speaking to Seventeen magazine this week, Obama offered up the advice she has given to Malia and her other daughter, Sasha, about applying to college:

The only thing Ive been telling my daughters is that I dont want them to choose a name. I dont want them to think, Oh, I should go to these top schools. We live in a country where theres thousands of amazing universities, so the question iswhats going to work for you?

Thats an incredibly useful question to keep in mind. Its simple. Its undemanding. And it doesnt set any expectations or suggest one direction over another. Instead, it challenges the young person to really think through what they want.

Many parents push their kids to go to prestigious brand-name universities, but given that acceptance rates at the USs most selective universities have plummeted into the single digits, its not feasible to expect every child to be perfectly suited for the Ivy League or its peer schools. Even if they manage to get in, theres no guarantee that its the wisest choice. Indeed, theres little evidence that the prestige of a university makes students more likely to be happy with their educational experienceand its clear that the financial burden of debt for an expensive school can be crushing.

Obamas argument cuts both ways. Encouraging students to choose schools in which theyre actually interested also means not dissuading them from aiming highif thats what they want. That was her own experience, she recalled.

When it was time for me to apply to colleges, there were some counselors who said, Maybe with Princeton youre reaching a little high,' she said. And I thought, You really dont think I can do it? But heres what I did: I decided to ignore the doubters. I plunged ahead.

She got into Princeton University. And, after that, she went to Harvard Law School, practiced law, and became the first lady of the United States. So parentsand their childrencould probably profit from her advice.

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Higher Education Tips You Must Know About

But are a little unsure about how to go about it, look no further, if you're looking to graduate from college. You need to know some definite things about your education. The article below has the information you need to help you become a college graduate. Keep reading to find out more.

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College is filled with a lot of stress as the best thing that you can do in regards to school is to prepare in advance. Avoid procrastination at all times, as this will only add to the stresses that you already face. By doing your work ahead of time, you can feel prepared and organized as college goes on.

In order to make the most of your time on camp